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they say ignorance is bliss
why do we seek knowledge
only to be let down
why don't i suffer endlessly
on the pursuit of that which is so brazenly beautiful
that unknowledge that is so difficult to reattain

i think that ultimately i do
looking for answers only to one day realize that
no answer will ever be good enough
no song will ever be loud enough
a kiss will never quite be so sweet
as the innocent child i once was and long to be again

rocks, marble, granite, higher education
these are all hard things
and me?
well i'm just hard to please
won't you be hard too, please?

it's like, when i look at another person's art
i am so infinitely jealous of the thoughts racing through their mind
that nothing i ever do or say will be good enough.
when people tell me that i'm funny
well i don't think its funny.

why is everyone so wrapped up in themselves
about what they want and need
the most powerful force in the world
is the centrifuge of egotism that surrounds us all
why be insecure? its not like anyone else can stop thinking about themselves
long enough to notice anything that you could be insecure about.
but there i go, getting stuck in my mind and imagining it into the minds of others.

i look to my past for answers, realizing that
the answers are what lies ahead
i look ahead and can never seem to be far enough into the future
to grasp these answers that i seek

so i turn around again, and this twisting game that i play
makes me forget about the importance of the present
someone told me the present is a gift
modern physics has yet to be able to explain
what we normally understand by "now".
there is no demonstrable reason why time
should move in any one particular direction.
so where do the answers lie?

oh they lie all right, the lies that we want to believe are
far superior to the elusive truths that are so blatantly obvious

so, my friends, in seeking to emblazen the world with compassion
to pound the fists of change into an antiquated system,

do so selflessly, or not at all.

ignorance is bliss, but what's bliss?

what's what?


Nov. 17th, 2008 05:44 pm (UTC)
did you write this?
Nov. 23rd, 2008 04:02 pm (UTC)
yes, i wrote this.

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