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we long. - alex abell

a semi-automatic with no bayonette
tries to remember but soon he forgets
faking a movement by standing so still
hoping that noone sees his mistakes
each step forward reversed in the past
he listens to ludwig and grieg,
the present unopened and it's going to last.
something has lasted, alive
he longs.

ridrigo, and pedro, and dismemberment plan
all the while he's his own biggest fan
only a man, he's an atomic dog
a libidonous, poisonous growling machine
he longs.

an angel from heaven with tri-colored wings
and for what it's worth he was there all the time
through the good ticks and bad tocks
that once upon, seemed so unkind
he longs.

backstage, in the corner, the curtain behind
and all he wants is to feel
like he felt that aquarius night
the days full of light
the tension was tight
and all the while it wasn't quite right
in all his plight
he lost the girl
he lost the gun
he lost thefeeling
or the knife
or the sweet embrace of night

is it so much to want a bird that sings only for you?
or a magic trick that only you know how to perform
a slight of hand or a song divine
that is all your own
hallelujah for life is long
but memories are the magic
that is wicked and vile
because all the while
we long.


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